An Introduction Into Getting Creative

I was asked a long time ago if I was creative. I responded with a short and succinct, ‘No’. The question stuck with me for a while because I really wanted to be that creative person. I just didn’t think it was possible. I had always thought that being creative was something that you were born with, or acquired from an early age. What I didn’t know or understand was that creativity is something we can learn and acquire at any time. I always enjoyed writing and once I changed the way I thought about creativity, my ideas and mind started to open and flow.

We all go through different phases. When we decide to start working on the things we really love, we quit what we’re doing and go in new directions. I’ve done this countless times and it’s led me to one of the bravest moments in my life; sharing my writing and thoughts. I’ve listed a couple of my personal direction changes below, where I’ve reformed my thoughts and decisions.

These moments haven’t defined me, but have given me strength and clarity into what i can achieve and the visualisation to keep moving forward.

Personal Decision Makers

  • I’d been boxing off and on for a number of years, but gave up the strict training for competition because I wasn’t enjoying the process. After many successes and even more failures, I now just box a little bit for fitness, but absolutely loving it.
  • I worked in a gym for 7 years and decided to take a new direction into business, which led me into graduating from a finance and management degree.
  • I was looking for a full-time job in recruitment, but after a couple of interviews, I came to a realisation. The long hours and stressful nature of the job wouldn’t maximise my attention and time on my writing and what I love doing.

What I’ve noticed in my decision making is that with each decision made, I come up with more ideas. The snowball effect of ideas exist only if we’re open to change. These ideas help bring clarity into what I want and helps visualise my achievements. This is the base of creativity; generating ideas.

I thought of writing articles to improve my writing. I’m currently writing a book and simply loving the process, with so many more things in the pipeline. From what started as visualisation, I began turning into reality. Once I started to write, my mind started to open up. The fear became less and less from the more I learning i did.

I realised in order for me to develop my book and vision, I had to develop personally. By learning to be creative, I had become more curious, trusting in myself and began to overcome my biggest fear- failure.

There were certain efforts I made to trigger my creativity and to keep pursuing what it is i see in my mind. Give these a try and let me know how you go.


  • Taking time for myself. I try to take 15–20 minutes a day to re-center in a different environment. I’ve realized it brings my mind back in control and I’m able to be in control of my thoughts.
  • Making a modification in my morning routine. I make sure I’m training and exercising at least 3 times a week. I’ve been doing this for a while now, but it’s a habit that gives me great benefits for thinking. Some days I don’t make it, but I recognise those days and don’t dwell on them, I just keep moving forward.
  • Changing the way I daydream. I’ve been practicing the way I think about daydreaming. I do this by comparing my daydreams to fantasy and reality. It highlights the things I need to change for my fantasy to become reality and also what I’m unhappy with during the present time. By creating dissatisfaction of the present, I’m able to generate the energy to create change

It’s easy for us to assume and think that creative ideas are just ‘big ideas’, which scare us from opening our creative side. In reality, the big ideas we have are created by the small changes we make. By understanding and making those small changes, our creative minds open up. This is why it’s important to understand that we should recognise that creativity is a skill and something that can be learned.

If there’s ever a video I’d love for you to watch, it’s this one. Author and entrepreneur, David Kelley gives a TED Talk on how to build your creative confidence. He brings an understanding that we are all naturally creative. This dude really gives a great insight into our creative confidence and how to keep pushing forward.



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Blake de Vos

Blake de Vos


A writer, reader and sports lover. A Bachelor of Business graduate. I write about productivity, habits and writing creativity.